From the boating magazines and advertisements you might get the impression that sailing is expensive, hard to learn, and restricted to members of yacht clubs wearing blue blazers. In fact, sailing can be inexpensive, sailors are a very diverse lot, and you can learn the basics in an afternoon. It can be fast and exciting or calm and relaxing moving across the water by sailpower alone, and you'll get some exercise on a windy day. You can explore the local waterways and see wildlife up close. You'll make new friends who like to retell their sailing adventures over a cold beverage. By joining us you can soon be breezing along in this fun sport! Of course, for those who want to race, it takes a lifetime to master the finer points of sail trim, and for those who want to show off, there are million-dollar yachts.


Frequently asked questions


I've never sailed before. Do I have to know how to sail to join? No! You can learn by coming on one of our sails (especially the Flying Scot sails out of Belle Haven).


I don't own a sailboat. Can I join the club? Yes, most of our members don't own a boat! They sail as crew on other's boats or on boats we rent together.


Does Rainbow Spinnakers own any boats? No, but some members own boats and are looking for people to sail with.


Do you teach sailing? No, but we can give informal instruction. Also when there is enough interest we can arrange a group to take a weekend course.


When is the sailing season? We usually start sailing in early April and continue until the end of October. However, we have been known to sail in the winter on occasional warm days. July and early August are not the best months for sailing however because of the heat and light or nonexistent winds.